What will the 21 day Bootcamp do for you?

If you are looking to transform the way you eat for a healthier more vibrant life, then this program has been designed just for you.  You'll learn about the healthiest way to eat -  that is best for your body and kindest on our planet.

Eating Clean and Green's 21 Day Plant Based Boot Camp will take out all the guesswork, and help you transition to a healthy plant strong diet with ease.  You won't need to wonder "where will I get my protein" or "am I getting all the nutrients I need?"  This program has you covered.

Through video lessons, tutorials and live calls you will learn all about plant based eating and gain the tools, information and understanding that you need to start making serious changes to the way you eat.

With delicious, easy to prepare recipes, weekly meal plans and shopping lists as well as an online community of like minded people to help you on your way - the journey to health will be far easier and more fun than you ever imagined.

Whether you want to go all in vegan, or are just interested in getting more plants on your plate - this course will give your health and energy levels the boost you are looking for.