Georgia really knows her stuff when it comes to all things plant based, health and wellness.  She is full of great advice and has a lot of tips and tricks up her sleeve to make plant based eating easier. 

- Sally Willbanks

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I never realised how much the food I eat affects my health and the way I look and feel until I started to learn from Georgia.  She has completely revolutionised the way my family eats.  We are so happy to be on a path to health that has made all the difference in our lives.

- Michele Thornhill 


Georgia is a fount of plant based information.  I have learnt so much from her and have really changed the way I look at the food I eat and how it nourishes my body.  She always give straight forward practical advice that is easy to follow and makes so much sense.  If you want to learn about how to embrace a plant based lifestyle - Georgia is a great person to start with.

- Tess Roxburgh 

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