If you are looking to transform the way you eat for a healthier more vibrant life, then this program has been designed just for you.  You'll learn about the healthiest way to eat -  that is best for your body and kindest on our planet.

During this intensive 21 Day program you will learn all about:


Why eating a plant based diet is the healthiest way to eat

  • preventing chronic disease (like heart disease, cancer and diabetes)
  • promoting weight loss
  • increasing energy levels
  • getting that healthy glow

Why eating plant based is the best for our environment

Why eating plant based is the compassionate choice

Is eating meat REALLY that bad for you? (short answer - yes it is!)

Plant based eating for an active lifestyle


What exactly is plant based eating?

What you should eat and shouldn't eat

The importance of eating whole foods


Stocking your pantry, fridge and freezer

Equipment for plant based cooking

Meal planning

Assess, plan, prepare

  • Understand your WHY?
  • Time to take some stats
  • Planning for and overcoming obstacles

MODULE 4 and WEEK 1 of eating plant based: BREAKFAST

What's for breakfast?

Prepping plant based breakfast

The perfect green smoothie formula

Ditching dairy

Dairy alternatives (with recipes)

Lay off the eggs

Alternatives to eggs (with recipes)

This module will include a weekly meal plan and shopping list as well as extra bonus breakfast recipes.

MODULE 5 and WEEK 2 of eating plant based: LUNCH

What's for lunch?

How to cook grains

How to cook beans

How to roast vegetables

Prepping salad jars

How to pull together a plant based lunch with ease

Eating out for lunch - restaurants and takeaway

Plant based snacks that are tasty as well as healthy

This module will include meal plans and shopping lists for breakfast and lunch as well as bonus snack recipes

MODULE 6 and WEEK 3 of eating plant based: DINNER

What's for dinner?

Moving beyond meat and three veg

Addressing social pressure from family and friends

How to cope with unwanted cravings

This module will include meals plans and recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Module 7

Before you go

Galvanising new habits

Inspiration and resources

Bonus Materials:

  • The perfect smoothie formula
  • The perfect veggie burger formula
  • The perfect salad formula
  • The perfect dressing formula
  • Dairy substitutions chart
  • Egg substitutions chart
  • Getting started work sheets
  • Plant based resources - books, websites, films